Face it. The US is aging. The number of Americans aged 65 and older will more than double over the next 40 years.

However, our seniors no longer want to be defined by their age, and are looking for ways to remain healthy and youthful, even as they get older. 

Here we highlight a few health & wellness brands who are offering solutions to common problems faced by aging adults. These brands have realized this emerging market and are speaking to this target in their marketing efforts. 

Increased Health Monitoring - The Oura Ring

As one ages, it is even more important to stay active and monitor one’s health. The Oura Ring collects data about your body, activity and sleep by monitoring your heart rate around the clock and using this information to recommend the best ways to utilize your activity during the days and nights. The information is then transmitted to an app, where consumers can view and share their information, if desired.

The sleek design of the Oura Ring encourages seniors to wear the ring to monitor their health in a discrete way without the burden of being labeled.

Memory Aids - Tile Stickers

Mild forgetfulness kicks in sooner than many would like. Tile Stickers help track items to avoid losing them. These tiny stickers can be placed on remotes or any other electronic devices. They connect to an app which pinpoints their location.

No need to belabor a failing memory with this simple solution. 

Sexual Health - Mystery Vibe

Studies have shown that declining health among older people is often linked to increased sexual dysfunction with age. 

One company that caters specifically to this need is MysteryVibe. MysteryVibe has found that the one-size-fits-all model for sexual pleasure devices alienates the aging population. Existing pleasure products are designed for able-bodied adults and do not take into account seniors’ changing needs and abilities. 

Their research showed that 50+ aged females are the fastest growing online set in this arena, spending 250% what the general population does. The company now reverse engineers its product design to address these needs.

Visual Health - Zenni

With aging often comes a loss of vision. However, active seniors don’t want dowdy spectacles. More and more eyeglass companies have come to the forefront, designing glasses that are fashionable and useful for those in the older set. One of those companies is Zenni. Zenni has a number of different eyeglasses, both for fashion and function. However, they went out on a limb and requested self-appointed “geriatric starlet”, Iris Apfel, to create a collection of luxe eyewear to celebrate her 100th year. 

While many brands obsess over millennials, one should not forget Boomers, especially since they are 10 times wealthier than the average millennial

Smart brands, who speak to a consumer need faced by active seniors, target this set in a more strategic way - drawing in a new, older consumer without alienating the existing one.

If you have seen others do the same, we would love to hear from you.

Annette Herz

Annette is skilled at identifying growth opportunities and successfully guiding products from concept to launch. At Compass, she advises leading brands and category disruptors in the health & wellness, personal care and digital health sectors.

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