The holidays are just around the corner, a paradoxical time filled with both cheer and holiday shopping stress in equal parts. If you’re feeling the weight of the latter, then you came to the right place. 

As 2023 nears, we are tracking the latest in health and wellness, starting with a few innovative brands that have piqued our interest.  

We have crafted a guide to help keep you and your loved ones happy and healthy this holiday season and into the new year. Read about the brands that are opening doors for further health and wellness innovations to come. 

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For Mind & Body.  

Give the gift of a happier and healthier new year with a plethora of fitness trackers to choose from. Wearable technology as an industry is expected to be worth $54.4 billion in 2023, a significant increase when compared to $22 billion in 2018. Of this market, fitness trackers accounted for 29% in 2018. As smartwatch capabilities expand into the health and wellness territory, that number is expected to drop to 20% in 2023. While smartwatches are the preferred wearable technology, we expect innovation to expand beyond the wrist.


This wearable migraine treatment relieves acute and chronic migraine pain through safe, drug-free, and non-invasive technology. The armband transmits weak electrical pulses on the skin for 45 minutes at a time to stimulate the body's pain receptors thereby, inhibiting migraine pain.

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Oura Ring 

Despite its size, this simple and sleek ring is packed with sensors that track fitness, sleep, and readiness score, a feature that predicts how prepared your body is for upcoming activities. The ring provides a holistic overview of your physical and mental state so that you can decide how to spend your day. 

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For Life's Transitions.  

Every female will experience menopause, a life phase that lasts an average of 7 years and one which 84% of women claim interferes with their lives. The good news is women are thriving. According to a Gennev Study, women are feeling happier (72 percent), physically stronger (57 percent), more confident (69 percent), and more in control of our careers (54 percent) now than when they were 10 years younger. There is not only demand for innovative products to address menopause in a more holistic sense, but there is a critical need for it.

Embr Wave 2

Embr Wave 2 provides hot flash relief with a bracelet that manages the symptoms of menopause with cooling or warming sensations for on-demand relief. With a sleek design, Embr Wave is breaking barriers by offering relief without sacrificing style.

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UK-based is an app that partners with your Fitbit data as well as manual inputs to help you better figure out why some workout days are better than others. By plugging in your personal data, ranging from menopausal symptoms to stress levels to digestive problems, you can get targeted recommendations. This app is a gamechanger for the active aging women in your life.

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For the Skin. 

Technology is the future of skincare, from clinical microneedling radiofrequency treatments that improve skin texture, scarring, and wrinkles to AI technology that recommends products based on your personal inputs, such as Olay Skin Advisor. As skincare technology continues to expand, the demand for at-home treatments is likely to grow.

Droplette Micro-Infuser 

Droplette takes skincare to the next level by delivering products into your skin 20 times deeper than typical application would, making your daily skin routine 90% more effective. Paired with the mobile app, your skincare routine with Droplette can become more personal and more effective.

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For Restless Sleepers.  

70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. A lack of sleep can lead to a slew of conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and depression, just to name a few. Improvements in sleep time and quality are on the rise as technology conquers sleep deprivation with products like sleep trackers, mattress coolers, white noise machines, motion pillows, and adjustable beds to name a few. Consumers are embracing these efforts with the average American willing to spend almost $300 per day for a perfect sleep. 

CBD Pillow  

This memory foam pillow infused with CBD will help regulate sleep by releasing CBD into the body through the hair and skin. The doses of CBD are small, but just enough to calm and relax. Yes, the pillow is washable, but just don’t wash it too often. It even comes with a 10-year guarantee (!)  

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Apollo Wearable 

This season, give the gift of relaxation with Apollo, a wearable device that promises to increase REM sleep, deep sleep, and time slept. In addition to tracking health, Apollo actively improves it by using touch therapy which sends calming vibrations through your body. These vibrations help improve your resilience to stress, leading to higher quality sleep, focus, and other daily functions.

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For Fur Babies.  

Pet health is mirroring human wellness trends as new technology, supplements, and services cater to the wellbeing of our furry family members. A study found that 33% of canine households and 20% of feline households give their pets supplements to keep them healthy. The major problem areas are joint health, gut health, oral health, immune health, and other physical ailments. Innovation doesn't end there. Current trends are showing an increase in concern for pets' cognitive well being and mood. To learn more about how innovation is reshaping pet health, check out our blog: 6 Pet Health Innovators: Taking Human Learnings to Pets.

Fi Series 3

Fi collars are the perfect gift for your pet or a pet lover. This wearable technology allows your dog to be tracked anytime, anywhere. Track your dog's physical wellbeing, much like human health trackers, by keeping an eye on your pet’s steps, movement, and sleep quality.

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Petivity Smart Litterbox Monitor System

This holiday season, dogs won’t be the only ones benefiting from health innovations. The Petitivity Smart Litterbox Monitor system tracks weight and litter box habits for multiple cats and detects changes that may signal a need for veterinary attention.

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This holiday season will be full of products that are changing the way we interact with our health and wellness, sparking not only improved health, but conversations about how we can better manage our well being.

These innovations are just the beginning. Which ones will succeed? Which opportunity  gaps still need to be filled? At Compass Marketing we help leaders of health and wellness brands drive new growth by identifying and actioning those opportunities.

We hope you have enjoyed our list. None of the above brands are clients of Compass Marketing, Our only interest is to share a few observations on the latest in Health & Wellness and to make your holiday shopping a little easier. Happy Holidays!

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