An App for Low-Back Pain Gains Greater Traction

Kiio's novel digital therapeutic for low back pain could help millions with a problem that keeps people out of work and away from doing things they love.  But not enough people knew about Kiio and how it could help. Kiio knew that a big growth opportunity involved selling to new customers - employers - in addition to health plans.

Compass started by taking a 360 view of the landscape and then defining and bringing to life the target consumer.  This understanding led to a winning positioning to increase the brand's relevance.  The end result was a Compass-directed multiple touchpoint  Awareness Campaign to drive adoption of Kiio's solution.

Impact: Kiio takes low back pain to a new high

Kiio's pilot program with a major retailer was expanded nationally, and several new customers were secured to fuel Kiio's growth and expand their solutions to conditions beyond low back pain.

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